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What is Crowdfunding...?
It's the quickest and easiest way to gather a large amount of money through donations/contributions from supporters/backers/contributors to fulfill your dreams, which includes your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and potential well-wishers and Latent Donors/Backers..,



here to serve the people..,Those who can not afford to heal from Dangerous , harmful and expensive diseases ,those who can not pay the Hospital Bills,for those who are in a situation where the Loan can not be taken, for those who want to dream their own house,for those who are accidentally injured,for those Charities wants to build their own home,for those who wants to fulfill Project,for those who don't have a debt to start a new business,for those  Orphan,street children,women,widows and old aged etc...,

People can do Fundraise through our service.Donors/Contributors could help you from worldwide. UNIcrowd is the only one genuine and the only one serving the lowest commission Crowdfunding platform in the world. UNIcrowd Founded and Operated by NICKEL INTERNATIONAL ONLINE NETWORK PRIVATE LIMITED(Regd ) . All of the services,queries,subscriptions,mailings,receipts,forms, submissions, payments operated and handled by NICKEL INTERNATIONAL.

UNIcrowd Founded and Operated by NICKEL INTERNATIONAL ONLINE NETWORK PRIVATE LIMITED(Regd ) Nickel International Registered as enterprenuer under the TS state Shops & Establishments Act 1988 on 24/AUG/2018 with Registration number SEA/NAL/ALO/NG/1017474/2018 and also The Register of Firms  Section 58(1) of the Indian Partnership Act 1932 Registration Number 381/2018 on 09/NOV/2018.

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The World's only one genuine Crowdfunding service the only number one serving the lowest commission and compare with other Crowdfunding services...,

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We support all payment modes.... Net banking, Wallets, PayPal,payunow,Razorpay,GooglePay and Stripe with Trinacia.com all Credit and Debit Cards to let you receive funds from everyone and anywhere from all over the world.....

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Donations towards some fundraisers are not eligible for any tax deduction such as 80G, 501(c), etc.

Terms of Use

 Donation-based crowdfunding  (Also called Gift-oriented crowdfunding) 
Money is obtained on a donation basis from several individuals and businesses but nothing is returned to those who give the money. The big difference to conventional donations, however, is that the donor (here called backer) is informed in detail about the project and the use of the funds. Often donation crowdfunding is most successful among charities and non-profits. Some services invite people to donate to projects for the pleasure of giving. Philanthropy based services usually have other benefits such as tax credits or rebates. 
As this sort of crowdfunding is predicated on donations, funders do not obtain any ownership or rights to the project, nor do they become creditors to the project. Typically the online service providers take a 3 %-5 % fee of all donations.  


Reward-based Crowdfunding  (Remuneration-based crowdfunding) 
Rewards-based crowdfunding is where individuals donate to a project or business with the expectation of receiving a non-financial reward in return, such as goods or services at a later stage. A common example is a project or business offering a unique service (rewards) or a new product (pre-selling) in return for investment. This form of crowdfunding allows companies to launch with orders already on the books and cash-flow secured (a major issue for new business) and gathers an audience before a product launch. 
Key features: 
Funds given don’t have to be repaid; you just deliver the service or the goods promised. 
Orders are secured before the launch of a new product, and the crowdfunding campaign allows you to build your customer base as you raise funds. You are obliged to deliver on your promises on schedule. 
It is a popular option for start-ups and entrepreneurs as it provides a way to fund the launch of new companies or products. 
It is particularly suitable for products and services that or is innovative or garners high levels of consumer attention. 
Complicated concepts or products are less suitable for rewards crowdfunding. 

 Equity-based crowdfunding   Equity crowdfunding consists of selling a stake in your business to a number of investors in return
for investment. The existence of equity funding is well established, with private equity, venture capital
and angel investing long playing a role in developing companies. The main difference between equity
crowdfunding and these traditional models, rather than establishing a one-to-one relationship, it is offered
to a wide range of potential investors, some of whom may also be current or future customers. Equity
crowdfunding does this by matching companies with would-be angels via an internet-based platform.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Our Service

UNIcrowd is an online crowdfunding platform that brings Users together and allows Users to seek to raise funds for their own Campaigns and to contribute to the Campaigns of others.

1) We give you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable Permit to use Our Services.

2)You must be 18 years or older to use our service

3)You should respect the law of crowdfunding

4)You should respect other Fundraisers of their campaigns

5)All the users follow the procedure of our Fundraising system

6)We give you a dedicated webpage there you see your Fundraise campaign

7)UNIcrowd uses PayPal secured gateway

8)We will definitely give a certificate of Contribution and contribution Receipt and Tax benifit Receipt to Every contributor

9)The payouts made on every second week by date of Fundraising.

10)Every time your contribution amount will disply

11) payouts will be direct to your bank account.

Give a genuine and right Information/Fundraising about the Fundraiser. Don't give any type of wrong or illegal Information.If a person given the wrong/illegal/fraud Fundraising/Information the UNIcrowd and Nickel International would not responsible of it.Beware of fraudulent,illegal persons,cheaters,data thefters and etc...Equity Crowdfunding is not acceptable in some Countries,hence Un-acceptable Countries of Equity Fundraisers have no permissions on our website.


If you compliant that UNIcrowd has committed any fraud.Then you'll have to compliant with your Country's or Global Cyber Bureau Network.If the compliant you made is not true, then we File a Case on you..through " To cause damage to the UNIcrowd,To make an Unpopular,For the Fraudulent Conspiracy,To attempt to brankrupt this service and The Information of the site is stolen and the attempt of Identity theft and etc..We should file Under sections of Cyber Law of International 2000 and Under the defamation suit for $ 656361.79  and also file a case Under the companies of Registration Act 58(1) 1932 and Establishment  of Enterprenures act 1988 of IPC of LAW.


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